DIGITAL Door Lock Smart Deadbolt

Product specifications

Modes of Access:

  • Bluetooth
  • Password
  • Key


Security Lockout Mode
If an invalid PIN code is entered 5 times, the key box will stop operating for 1 minute.

Privacy Mode
Activate this from indoors to prevent electronic entry from the outside.

Decoy Security Code
Enter random digits before your password to reduce risk of intruders checking fingerprints.

Speedy Bluetooth Unlocking
With our latest chip enhancements, unlocking via bluetooth key is even quicker than before. 

Emergency Power Supply
When the lock batteries are flat, an external DC9V battery can be used to jump-start the lock.

Timed Re-lock 
Select the duration (in seconds) before the lock automatically locks.

Why Smart Deadbolt?


The HÄFELE App-Controlled Deadbolt is essential in every home and property. Compact in size and price, it comes with more than enough features to rival the big boys. 

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