Step 1

What goes on in your kitchen?

Make your space work for you, today, tomorrow and in the future

Kitchen planning should start with you and your family and how you want to use your kitchen. This has a big impact on some of the planning decisions you’ll make. 

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Step 2

Think about your ideal layout.

The path you will tread most frequently in your kitchen is between the cooking zone, the fridge (consumables area) and the sink (cleaning zone). 

For the most efficiency in the kitchen, this journey needs to be optimised. Not too far, or you'll waste time and energy. And not too close, otherwise the kitchen will feel cramped. This is known as the working triangle.

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Step 3

Maximise every inch of space

Your kitchen has many different dimensions – not only width and length, but height and depth too, and you need to make the most of them all!

Whether you use tall units to give you storage right up to the ceiling, or corner units to get right in to the corners of your kitchen, there are a plethora of solutions to help you maximise every inch of space.

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