Here are some things to consider when planning your kitchen with your Studio Partner…

Tall Units

They look stunning, and hold lots but they can be difficult to access. Add internal drawers, or a pull-out solution and you can get to all the ingredients tucked in the back with ease. The back of the door is also a useful space – add a spice-rack for those smaller items     View Range


Sink Units

Don’t waste the space under your sink. Add specialist drawers, bins or storage for your cleaning materials so they are right where you need them     View Range


Waste Solutions

Under-sink, in a drawer, narrow, wide – there are waste solutions to meet every requirement and fi t into every available space     View Range



Drawer dividers, cutlery inserts, pan stands, spice racks – they can all help you put your hand on exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily, every time     View Range


Corner Units

Perhaps the trickiest space in the kitchen to access, a corner can often become a place where things are put and then forgotten about. Instead, make the space more practical with some pull-out shelves or baskets to access all of the cupboard contents quickly and easily     View Range


Wall Units

Often used for crockery they can hold heavy items in the most impractical place. Can everyone in the household reach them? Pull-down units can help you get round that. How are you going to open them – straightforward hinges or a lift-up solution that moves the door out of your way? What about the space on the wall under the cabinet? Add a shelf or a rail with hooks to keep the items you use every day – in easy reach and off your worktop     View Range


Base Units

Replace your base unit cupboards with drawers and say goodbye to crawling on the floor to reach the back. Deep drawers can hold pans and cooking pots, etc., with ease. Narrow space that won’t take a unit? Our pull-outs start at 150mm wide and provide easy storage for items such as bottles, tea-towels and baking trays     View Range