Make your space work for you today, tomorrow
and in the future.

Kitchen planning should start with you and your family, and how you want to use your kitchen. This has a big impact on some of the planning decisions you'll make.

Things like whether you need to include a dining area for entertaining or a space that can double up as a home office or study? Is your kitchen open plan to other areas of the house? What will the view from other rooms look like? Do you need lots of worktop space for all your gadgets and utensils or do you prefer to have them all hidden away?

It’s a good idea to start by writing these points down to talk through with your kitchen designer so they can plan YOUR perfect kitchen.


Do a lot of entertaining?

Is a seating area an essential requirement in your kitchen? Do you want to be able to quickly hide away mess made from cooking so you can focus on entertaining? What about lighting? You'll want to be able to switch between task lighting for food prep to mood lighting for during and after dinner.

Love your technology?

Do you like to have the TV on or perhaps even chat on FaceTime while you cook? Do you like to always have your technology on hand? From bluetooth speakers to built-in chargers, there are lots of clever ways you can seamlessly integrate your gadgets into the kitchen.

Will your kitchen also act as a mini office?

Do you want to be able to sit in your kitchen and work on your laptop, read documents or do household administration? How could this work in your ideal kitchen layout?


The future.

Think about how much you use your kitchen now, and how would you like to use your new one. How might your needs change over time? Think about how you or members of your household might need to use the kitchen in 5-10 years time - will you have young children around? Or will your children have become teenagers with lots of friends around - all with smart phones and tablets to charge?

onthego v2

Are you always on the go?

Should your kitchen be designed for minimum hassle? What daily tasks will you do - make tea, load and unload the dishwasher, find things in your cupboards? Keep this in mind when you're planning your layout to make these functions simple and efficient.


Are you a serious cook?

If yes - then you'll need to make sure you allow plenty of space for all your favourite appliances, utensils and ingredients. You'll need lots of storage and lots of clear worktop space for preparation.