HAILO Laundry

Why Hailo?

The modular system that stores everything for your laundry in one place neatly out of sight, until it’s needed. Ironing, sorting washing, and cleaning can all be achieved from one base.

The patented pin-screw system ensures fast and easy installation. What’s more, the clearance needed for door-hinges is easily adjusted by turning the knurled nuts to get the modules slightly off centre - whether left hand or right hand hinged doors.

The basis of the system is the innovative pre-drilled metal panels. Installed on the left and right side of the carcass, these are used to easily fit all of the modules - with no need for tools.  

The ingenious ‘pin-screw system’ is suitable for 60 cm wide, tall closets with hinged doors, with any standard side-wall thicknesses. The pre-drilled metal panels only need to be installed once - it just takes a few screws and then all of the modules are fixed easily into the attachment holes.

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