Handleless Drawers

SENSOMATIC Touch-Open System

Product specifications
  • Easy to fit.
  • Small installation depth.
  • Simple plug and play wiring.
  • Ideal for heavy pan drawers and waste bin drawers.
  • This electro mechanical opening system is triggered by a light touch anywhere on the surface of the front which causes drawers to glide evenly and smoothly.
Why Sensomatic touch-open?

Sensomatic provides electro-mechanical drawer opening which effortlessly strikes a balance between design and functionality.

Drawers open electronically in a smooth, precise and elegant fashion by simply touching the drawer front and can be closed gently and silently with an Airmatic soft-close feature.

The Sensomatic System can be used for a variety of applications including double-walled steel or timber drawers, wire baskets, waste bin systems and pantry units.

Designers will find it an ideal storage solution with its handle-free surfaces, clean lines and simplistic form.

Sensomatic is also frugal when it comes to power consumption and space with its small environmental footprint and minimal room needed for a drive unit behind the drawer.

Sensomatic provides functional precision and ease of use to blend with any lifestyle.

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