CONCEPTA Bi-Fold System

Why Concepta?

The Hawa FOLDING CONCEPTA 25 bi-folds two doors and pivot/slides them into the side recess. This makes the system all the more spatially economic: the slide-in loss is a mere 73 mm, the recess width only 110 mm, and you even gain more freedom of movement in the room as the doors are parked away flushes inside the cabinet body or recess when the front door is open.

You can count on these advantages in every situation: from the simplest cabinet designs with optional base profile and overlaying cabinet doors to room-high solutions without a furniture base to walk-in cabinets with continuous floors and cabinet fronts stretching from work surface to ceiling. Especially pleasing, is the front within a cabinet or kitchen is always flush - and that also applies to combinations with Hawa CONCEPTA 25/30/40/50 or a pivot door.

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