10 Simple Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Giving your kitchen a makeover doesn’t have to cost a bundle or take a lot of time. Full kitchen renovations are time-consuming and expensive, but there are also several quick fixes that you can tackle in just one day that still produce fantastic results.

1. Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint on the walls, cabinet doors, or pantry doors can easily give any kitchen a new look. Before you choose a paint color, take a moment to determine if you want to establish a new color scheme or if you want to coordinate with existing colours.  

2. Drop-In Sink

Most of your time in the kitchen is in front of your sink - washing dishes, rinsing produce, or preparing your next meal. A new sink alone can feel like an entire kitchen renovation!

3. Fresh Cabinet Hardware

Make kitchen cabinet doors and drawers seem new by replacing the hardware. If you have black or dark wood cabinets, try matte black hardware for a monochromatic, modern look. Try stainless steel or chrome knobs for a contrasting look. Alternatively, for white cabinetry, consider finishes like matte black, brass, or gold. You can also match your hardware to your appliances for a more coordinated design.

4. New Window Treatments

Replacing your window treatments is an effortless way to update your kitchen. Roller blinds are sleek and modern, they preserve your outside view while still providing light control.

5. More Storage Options

Are you struggling to clean off your countertops to reduce clutter? Give your kitchen the storage upgrade it deserves! There are many small ways to create more storage. A hanging produce basket can utilize empty vertical space. Spice racks, plate inserts, and other small storage solutions can help you find more usable space in upper and lower cabinets.

Open shelving can also work wonders for organizing clutter. It can show off appliances or provide easy access to pantry staples.

6. High-End Tapware

Changing your tapware is a relatively simple update that can make a big design statement and give you that “new kitchen” feel. Consider a high-end tapware that grabs attention and creates a focal point. 

7. Bold Fabrics

Curtains, runners, tablecloths, dish towels, and seat cushions can even be swapped out by season for a rotating color scheme. Play with fun, bright colors for summer or calming earthy patterns for fall.

8. Upgraded Lighting

Upgrading the lighting in your kitchen can make a huge design impact. Pendant lights above your island or dining table create an eye-catching centerpiece. Under-cabinet lighting adds soft accent lighting, perfect for evenings or nighttime when there’s less activity in the kitchen. 

9. Framed Artwork

A simple frame around a piece of art can instantly upgrade any breakfast nook or blank kitchen wall. The perfect piece of art can be anything that’s significant to you and integrates your kitchen's color scheme.

10. DIY Tile Splashback

If your kitchen is in good shape, but you want a practical and stylish upgrade, take a weekend to tackle a DIY backsplash project. 

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Written by Häfele Home.