Our laundry is often the smallest room in our home, but they really pack a punch. From ironing, sorting washing and cleaning, a great laundry must be multi-functional while squeezing in a tight space.  

Here, we’ve compiled some of our space-saving solutions to make the most of your laundry spaces.  


1. Maximise the upper portion of the cabinet with iMove. 

We all know our iMove pull down system is perfect for the kitchen, but did you know that iMove is also perfect for the laundry? 

Store laundry powder, detergent, and other cleaning supplies, then when you need them, gently pull down the handle and the contents can glide down within easy reach. 

By utilising the upper portion of the cabinet that is often unused, you’ll leave extra storage space for the bottom of the cupboard. 

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2. Free up space with a pull-out ironing board. 

Ironing boards are a laundry must-have, but they are often bulky and unwieldy. With a drawer mounted, pull-out ironing board like Ironfix, you can simply pull out the drawer for direct and easy access to the ironing board. When you’re finished, push it back into the laundry interior for a clean, clutter-free look.  

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3. Hide washing and dirty clothing in a laundry hamper. 

Locally made, our popular Concelo laundry hampers help you to organise washing and reduce your environmental impact.  

Use the hampers as a mobile laundry basket, a storage space for extra linen, or a laundry hideout. 

Thanks to its perforated sides, these hampers reduce moisture and contain a solid base to prevent drips. 

Laundry rack

4. Say goodbye to freestanding dry racks. 

The Hailo Laundry Rack is a convenient, foldable option that allows you to hang and dry clothing. It’s an easy way to dry clothes without clumsy freestanding drying racks cluttering your home. 

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5. Hang your broom and mop vertically.  

To keep your mop from flopping over and taking up much needed space, use a mop holder. The holder allows you to hang mops and brooms vertically on the wall, freeing up much needed floor space. You can even hang the mop on the inside of your door for the ultimate space-saving solution.  

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6. Store little laundry knick-knacks and towels in matching baskets. 

Matching baskets allow you to create a seamless aesthetic in your laundry while organising a range of miscellaneous items.  

Check out these Calm Collection storage containers from Simplify My Home. They come in three sizes, small, medium, and large with an elegant look that’ll turn chaos into calm. Featuring a sleek wooden handle, this product is so easy to use when pulling out of any space. Store anything, from bottles, hair accessories, and toiletries to towels.