Overhead Storage

iMOVE Overhead Pull-Down Storage Unit

Product specifications
  • German Made quality
  • iMOVE can handle loads up to 8kg with ease.
  • The mechanism is integrated in a slim and very compact fitting.
Why iMOVE Pull-Down?

Everything in easy reach.

Demand for a lot of storage space and for uniform cabinet heights often produces kitchens where the top shelves of the wall units are unreachable unless you’re pretty tall. The result is that these high shelves are used either to store stuff that they need only very occasionally, or a stepladder becomes an indispensable piece of kitchen equipment. Both of these solutions are far from optimal.

Enter a pull-down system that floats the contents of your wall unit gently down into easy reach – it’s the iMOVE. Operate it one-handed. The iMOVE and all its contents are pulled downwards and outwards in one effortless movement. The contents of the top shelves are now easier to reach than the bottom shelf of the wall unit. The drop-down railing on an iMove shelf makes access even easier.

When the iMOVE reaches its lowest point, at the end of the movement, reaching the contents is ultra-easy. It’s a big gain in user-friendliness, especially for the youngest members of the household.


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