The perfect wardrobe isn’t just stylish, it also incorporates smart solutions to save time and space while providing the right ambience to get you prepped for the day.  

If you find yourself rushing to get dressed in the morning or rummaging through your closet to find the right piece, then we’ve got 9 handy solutions for you. 

Dresscode Wardrobe Lift

1. Invest in a wardrobe lift to bring items down to you.

The DresscodeWardrobe Lift is a clever item that allows you to hang blouses, shirts, dresses and suits up high. With just one pull, the rail lowers down to you so you can grab your clothing and go. As the wardrobe lift is positioned up high, this creates extra storage space for items below 

Dresscode Jewellery Insert

2. Lay out all your jewellery for easy viewing with a jewellery insert.

This makes it easier for you to visualise and choose the right piece to match your outfit. And the best part? No more untangling necklaces during the early morning rush. 

Dresscode Shoe Rack

3. Display your shoes neatly without damaging their shape.

With a shoe rack in your wardrobe, you will have the added benefit of viewing all your shoes at a glance while quickly finding the pair you need.  A handy tip is to integrate a pull-out frame to slide the shoe rack in and out of sight.    

Dresscode Laundry Bag

4. Create a designated place for dirty clothing, towels or linen.

When it's time for washing, simply remove the laundry hamper and transport it to the laundry. Our Dresscode Laundry Bag allows you to pull out the bag when you need it, then discreetly slide it back into the wardrobe interior when you’re done.  

Dresscode Trouser Rail

5. Too many pairs of trousers? Not with the Dresscode Trouser Rail.

You can hang up to 15 pairs, quickly access them from the front, and at the same time increase the storage capacity of your wardrobe.  

 Bliss Felt Basket

6. Add a basket along the top of your wardrobe to organise and tuck away off-season items.

Check out this Bliss Felt Basket from Simplify My Home made from a sturdy and elegant polymer felt. They come in two sizes, medium and large, and two gorgeous colours, Oat and Black.  These textural baskets create a warm and inviting atmosphere while decluttering and organising your space.  

A handy tip is to use basket labels to keep track of what is stored in each basket without pulling them out each time.  

Oval Wardrobe Rail

7. Want a touch of luxury? Add our brass Oval Wardrobe Rail for a classic look.

Pair the wardrobe rail against a timber veneer for an elegant look or matt black for a stunning contrast.   

Loox Multi-Dimensional Mirror

8. Lights, camera, action!

Our Loox Multi-Dimensional Mirror allows you to set the lights and turn on the jams while prepping yourself for the day ahead. Talk about the perfect confidence booster.  

Dresscode Wardrobe Rail

9. Reduce the time spent rummaging around your dimly lit wardrobe by incorporating lighting.

Our Dresscode Wardrobe Rail has integrated lighting for the perfect amount of illumination. You can also add sliding hooks to hang handbags and accessories. Not to mention, it also features an integrated rubber strip for noise reduction.