This family kitchen takes it one step further with the clever incorporation of geometric design elements. The layout is all about having an open space, a benchtop that doubles as a breakfast bar and an abundance of natural light streaming through the tall window walls.

This renovated kitchen designed by Michelle at Awesome Kitchens has warm colour palette features from the timber top stools and areas within the kitchen cabinets. The addition of the seamless U-shaped benchtop layout serves as a social purpose retreat.

The geometric design within the space is a huge compliment and apparent when analysing the shapes of accents. The rectangular aspects: overhead cabinets, benchtop and the hanging cube design (Smart Cube), makes the space feel more architectural and streamlined.

The Häfele product - seen hanging from the ceiling, is a shelving system that can do almost anything and looks good in any room. The Smart Cube is very stable. In this case, it is connected and hung from the ceiling, but can also be integrated into existing furniture concepts or fixed to the wall.

The geometry in the design of this space is clever. The combination enhances the open shelving, flowing layout and picks up the timber features.

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Written by Häfele Home.