Since the early 2000s, the kitchen island has been the main staple of kitchen design as the space has evolved into a multi-functional living area. 

Find out and get inspired on how to decorate your kitchen island based on your own personal design vibe.

1. Set the Table

  • Add placemats and dishes
  • Swap out decor based on season
  • Make it as casual or elevated as you like!

2. Show off your Appliances

  • Display a colorful toaster, juicer, or blender that ties in the look of your kitchen
  • Turn your kitchen island into a coffee or tea bar
  • Display some of your favorite cookbooks

3. Self Serve Station

  • Set out a decorative breakfast tray with fresh flowers and baked goods
  • Have cutting boards ready for a platter
  • Keep the look monochromatic, let the food steal the show

4. Highlight your Cooking Skills

  • Decorate with a vase of handy utensils
  • Add pendant lighting - it will enhance the overall look of your kitchen, and provide the extra light needed to perfect your next cooking creation

5. Design around Work

  • Decorative, washable table runners are practical and ready for anything from quick dinners to messy homework
  • Small chalkboards on stands are a trendy way to display or to-do lists
  • Fruit baskets are decorative and colourful and encourage healthy snacking

6. Display Seasonal Items

  • Sleek and Modern: Fresh, seasonal produce in a modern bowl
  • Farmhouse: Freshly cut wildflowers in a vintage vase
  • Beach House: A collection of seashells, starfish, or coral in a glass vessel
  • Eclectic: A variety of greenery and/or herbs in pots

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