Q & A with Nicola Ross

Name and Location:                            

Nicola Ross

82 Main St Foxton

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Why Kitchen Design:   

I love being able to help people create spaces that work really well for them and that fit their personality and lifestyle. To be able to use my skill to translate their wants and needs into a great space is something I get a lot of satisfaction from. There is nothing better than working on a project and then to see it come to life.

Describe your Design style? How do your designs take shape:

My design style is clean and unfussy. I tend to like to sit within a more contemporary style and favour a built-in look that adds to the architectural fabric of space. I am a maximalist at heart, but design in a way that is more minimal in style. I tend to keep it clean and uncluttered and have limited areas to display things so it remains visually restful. My designs always start with functional use and ergonomics, I ask a lot of questions to ensure we are capturing all the information to create a unique design for clients. I find that working this way means we get to tailor materials, products, and appliances to each project to get the best result. While it is great to be given free reign this isn't always the case and it's important to me that each kitchen is approached from a point of view of using our skill to create a space that reflects our client's personality and aesthetics.

Best tip for anyone starting the kitchen process? What do you need to create a functional space?

Before you start planning what you want it to look like, you need to think about the way you use space, thinking about how the kitchen is used and who is using it is a great place to begin. Working out you what and why will help stay focused on how it works. We are creatures of habit and that can keep us stuck in the same ways of thinking so it's good to think about what works well and what doesn't in your current space and use that to help the process. A good designer will take you through this process and I can't recommend getting an expert involved highly enough. They will navigate the process for you to ensure the result actually works.

Your favourite product from Häfele Home:

It's hard to choose one but I find Häfele is a real innovator bringing fantastic tech to the market in an accessible way. We love the lighting and incorporate it into all the projects that we can. We have recently fitted out our studio and have a lot of Häfele lighting in here, it just makes life better! To be able to incorporate different types of lighting for task work and the ambient light is something we feel passionate about. Lighting is such a contributor to how a space feels and performs. Häfele has a huge range of lighting for so many applications and we love that! Year upon year, the range gets better and better. It's a great time in our industry with so much tech changing how we do things and Häfele is an industry leader.

Outside of your design work, what gets your creative juices flowing?

I like to spend time outdoors in the garden, it's where I relax and love that it is constant evolution through the seasons. If I am feeling a bit stuck creatively I can go outside and it all becomes clearer.

Where do you see Kitchen Design heading in the future?

We will see more technology incorporated into our homes that make life easier. With so many of us connecting over so many different mediums, our homes will need to have that capability built in. And as our cities become even more densely populated our need for personal connection and nature will increase. A more mindful approach to all areas within the home is something that will become more prevalent. The use of organic forms, textures, natural materials, and the use of biophilic design will help compensate for the lack of space and disconnection to the natural environment.

What would you not be without in your own kitchen?

Good storage! The mondo unit we love makes a difficult area so easy to access. It takes up a relatively small space and gives such good storage into the corner. Being able to have all our pots and pans in here and not having to get down is so good.

Where and what are you eating at the moment?

We are mostly eating at home like so many others, but I am looking forward to going back to chow in wellington to get salmon dumplings! We like to eat what we grow so right now that's what is in season, we are also lucky to have friends that hunt so the venison is something that always goes down a treat.

What’s in your diary that you are looking forward to?

It's not so much in my diary but I am looking forward to us all being able to travel more freely again. To be able to go to Eurocucina after having the trip cancelled last time is something I am really looking forward to. I'm not a big traveller as such but I am a design nerd and that sounds like heaven.

Contact details:

Nicola Ross



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