Keen to hear some of the secrets of creating remarkable kitchen spaces? We've asked one of our favourite Kiwi interior designers, the incredibly talented Celia Visser, some questions on her tips to success.

What's a secret to designing a kitchen/living space that not only looks great but has a practical flow of movement throughout?

Great spatial design is the secret, this will always be the essence of truly great flowing and functioning kitchen, once this design aspect is right then the designer can add all the style, proportion, materials and colour to bring the design to life. No matter how beautiful a kitchen looks, it must function and flow first otherwise it will never be great to work in.

If large renovations aren't on the cards for people right now, what are some smaller subtle changes that can make their kitchen space more efficient?

Upgrade accessories but this is a tricky question as in my opinion its best to do a renovation properly, a bad layout, change of appliances and lack of storage are the items most clients asked for and these things are hard to achieve without a fairly major renovation of the kitchen. It's best to do it properly the first time, otherwise, you won’t be happy and can potentially waste money.

Are there any particular keys to creating kitchens that are perfect for both entertaining and family living?

I believe, every new kitchen should be designed for the family and their lifestyle, again the right layout is essential and flows from interior to the outside is essential. I’m designing quite a few outdoor kitchens, where appliances & products are all stored outside including sink and dishwasher. It's not just a BBQ area, it's actually a full outdoor kitchen. If this is not possible or desired then items to look at are flooring, bench or tablespaces, safety caring food and dishes (clear walk spaces) seating, rubbish removal, good lighting for atmosphere & safety.

What are your favourite lighting solutions to bringing out the best in your rooms?

Good task lighting over the cooking & clean-up zones in the kitchen, with a feature light fitting over the island or dining table, either a single fitting or in sets of three for good balance.

What's your favourite underrated feature in kitchens?

The design details, - people often underestimate how these elements, can, in fact, make a great kitchen look very simplistic, but the details are a design aspect that takes, time, consideration and thought to get it right and add to the overall result. It’s the details that make the WOW’ll aspect of a kitchen and the mark of a great design.

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