Based in Wellington, interior design company Honour Creative, designs beautiful spaces that harmonises with the people who inhabit them. Beyond following current trends or styles, Honour Creative conceptualises spaces that delight and endure. 

We sat down with Honour Creative's Design and Company Director, Frances Fraser, to chat all things interior design.


Why Interior Design?

I believe we are all affected by our environments. From being able to move freely around a space, to the quality of light, seeing things in colours that make us happy and everything in between. Where we spend our time makes a difference in the same way that how we spend our time does. Also, I'm genuinely interested in people — what makes them happy, their aspirations, how they do things and what would make a real difference to their everyday life. So I guess I'm hard-wired to do this job!

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Describe your design style. How do your designs take shape?

The consistent feature is more the process than the style. Knowing our clients and understanding who they are and how they do things is an important first step. All our projects commence with defining a design vision based on that understanding and is the foundation for all future design decisions. This means our designs can be truly responsive to our clients, how they live and how they’d like to live. Having said that, I've been told there is a classic sensibility that underpins my work.

Best tip for anyone starting the kitchen process? What do you need to create a functional space?

In your inspiration and planning stage, be very conscious of what you specifically like about other kitchens. It's easy to be seduced by an image so dig deeper into what makes it appealing and question convention. What other people do may not exactly suit your or your family's needs.

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Alongside things like storage needs and appliance types, we talk through with our clients about who uses the kitchen, when and how. This includes how it relates to adjoining spaces. I know that sounds broad, but it really is the key. Just because many kitchens include open islands, doesn't mean it's for everyone. Perhaps you really want your dishes and food prep hidden. Maybe you like to prep and chat, maybe you'd prefer to not encourage interruptions! I've worked with keen cooks who work out of a very large fridge and a small pantry, and others with lots of appliances to keep handy, but out of sight. The dynamics of people in the space is what drives tailored functionality.

Your favourite product from Häfele Home?

We are using the Concepta pocket bi-folds in a design that is underway currently — I love that our client can have full access to their pantry even though it's central to a busy part of the kitchen cabinetry. Also, I've often used Häfele corner solutions. Anything that provides easy access and maximises storage, I'm a fan of!

Where do you see kitchen design heading in the future?

I'm hoping that embracing the kitchen as a working, active and sometimes messy place is part of where we head. I'm all for a clean bench and a place for everything but believe the heart of the home should also have soul.

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What is a must-have in your kitchen?

I'm looking forward to having a new kitchen for our villa later this year. I'm really looking to forward to an accessible bin (currently I have to open a cupboard under the sink then pull out the bucket). Also I have designed a new pantry area so there isn't a hidden corner. The practical things!

What’s in your diary that you are looking forward to?

Our builder starts in September! I have been planning this renovation for over three years and keep putting other work first. Finally it's our turn. Even though it is my area of expertise, I'm sure I'll learn plenty through the experience.


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