Product specifications
  • German Made
  • SoftStopp Gentle closing action
  • With one easy movement, everything is visible and easily accessible.
  • Access and transparency from three sides.
  • Load capacity: 130 kg
  • To suit cabinet width: 600 mm
  • Inside cabinet height: 2100 - 2200 mm
  • Minimum cabinet depth: 500 mm
  • Adjustable shelving so you can suit to your needs
Why CONVOY PREMIO Pantry Pull-Out?

Opening the door of the LAVIDO pantry brings all the shelves gliding silently towards you and with glass edged shelves, all the goods are in easy view.

Just one gentle pull for easy access.
The CONVOY Premio ‘floats’ all the stored contents out into easy reach. Opening the door of the unit – the maximum opening angle is 135° – triggers a flowing series of movements until SoftStoppPro damping brings the CONVOY Premio to a gentle stop out in front of the unit.

Full-extension combined with the fact that the trays are connected at the rear of the fitting means that users have a clear view of all the contents from three sides. The fitting glides softly and silently back into the unit thanks to damped self-closing.

The streamlined design means that the sophisticated engineering delivering this perfect opening and closing is unobtrusive. As Thisyou’d expect, the trays are steplessly height adjustable and the Vario galleries can be supplied in a choice of materials or even dispensedwith – partially, or completely – for even simpler access. We think lucky owners of a CONVOY Premio will enjoy putting away the shopping and find the clear view and easy access inspires some brilliant cooking.

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